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Train Wheel

1. SUYU can offer diversified train wheels like the casting wheel and forging wheel. After a series of productive progresses, such as vacuum refining for raw material, continuous casting process, heat treatment controlled by computer, tests by advanced inspection equipment, and CNC profiling, we can offer the product with the diameter ranging from 360mm to 1250mm. The wheel is applicable to all types of railway vehicles, such as locomotive and freight wagon.

2. We can make the products meet the international standards as below.
1) AAR M-107/M-208
2) UIC812-3
3) EN 13262
4) BS 5892-3
5) JIS E5402-2
6) IRS R34
7) GB 8601
8) IB/T 2817

3. The train wheel production contains the following progresses.
1) wheel steel melting
2) round billet saw cutting
3) heating
4) phosphating
5) stamping forming
6) rolling
7) bending punch
8) hot stamping
9) laser measurement
10) stacking
11) roughing
12) hardening
13) tempering
14) sampling
15) pre-processing
16) finishing
17) static equilibrium
18) the cold print
19) hardness testing
20) ultrasonic testing
21) magnetic particle testing
22) shot peening
23) painting packaging

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